Our company will meet the requirements of your business by providing accountancy works in a professional manner so that you can have the possibility to better focus your time and energy on your business activities.

We can provide our services on a flexible basis, that is short, medium or long term or for specific problems. All these are based on a contract, with a monthly or quarterly issue of the invoice.

The advantage you have, once you start working with us, is the fact that you can receive the necessary accounting documents by mail saving precious time and money for your business. There is no need for you to come to our office in case you need a trial balance for a bank loan or a client/provider situation.

Our services are:

Assistance in your company regarding
• managing of basic bookkeeping
• inventory control
• personnel records
• the liaison with the local financial authorities
Basic bookkeeping
• record keeping of the cash register, receipt of goods note
• record keeping of the sales and purchase journals
Financial and stock accounting
• chronological recording of accounting articles based on primary documents
• record keeping of day-book and inventory bookkeeping
• calculation of monthly and quarterly taxes for the national budget and the social insurance budget (VAT payable/refundable, income tax, dividend tax etc)
• issue of: fiscal register, payment orders, monthly trial balance
• issue of/ handing in of balance sheet
• issue of/ handing in of documents regarding taxes
• obtaining fiscal certificates
• cross reference with local financial authorities, clients/providers
Personnel Services
• Salaries
   • issue of/ handing in of payrolls
   • establishing taxes for the social insurance budget, issue and handing in of the necessary documents
   • production and handing in of tax sheets
• Human Resources
   • registration of employment contracts and any additional documentation
   • termination of contracts
   • salary confirmations
   • assistance regarding remuneration
Financial and fiscal consultancy
• supply of the latest changes in tax legislation
• identification of tax policies suitable for each client
• capital analysis, fixed assets and cash flow analysis
• other accounting works on demand.
Other services provided by Confident Contab
• procedures regarding new company registration, various type of financial paperwork
• work permits and residence permits for foreigners
• any legal documentation