About us

We introduce ourselves to all companies including those with an accounting department. Outsourcing this department helps you reduce your expenses in this field. You will have access to special services which are offered by professionals (financial, economic and stock control advising).

Our company is a member of CECCAR (The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania) since 2000. The experience we have gained throughout the years helps us to understand, find and resolve the numerous problems you may encounter every day.

Our services cover a large range of activities which are normally provided by several suppliers and this means, by using our services, it will save you time and money for your business.

You can benefit of professional facilities such as calculation knowhow, specialized software, data back-up, up-to-date financial legislation and prompt and efficient economic services.

The exchange of information between our clients and us is strictly confidential and guaranteed.

What defines us every day is confidentiality, integrity, objectivity and competence.